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An exciting local brand that focuses on high quality, high potency, and consistency. 


To be the top choice for our loyal customers


Quality, Price, Customer Service

Brand Story


Cannabis has long been a ubiquitous part of American culture. While commonly enjoyed, it remains illegal in many parts of the country.


Cannabis has been legalized in many states through “medical marijuana” programs. These programs have paved the way for adult use legalization in those states.


Opponents of legalized marijuana have commonly argued that medical marijuana programs have caused a defacto legalization of adult use marijuana.


We want to set a defacto standard of premium wholesale flower as we advance in the industry. We strive to have high-quality products that retailers can come to knowing they are getting the best. As we continue to grow and move forward this brand will help us honor the history and legalization of marijuana industry.


Premium Indoor Flower

Single Gram Pre-Rolls

Six Gram Pre-Roll Packs

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